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“Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” journalistic work competition

 “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” journalistic work competition

dvv International Branch Office in Armenia is announcing

“Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” journalistic work competition


Highlighting the role of the media and its importance in the formation of public opinion dvv international Branch Office in Armenia is announcing “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” journalistic work competition.


The objective of the competition is to encourage the dissemination of information on Lifelong Learning and, particularly, on Adult Education among the wider public. Armenian printed and online media employees, independent journalists, as well as students of Armenian HEIs are eligible for the competition.


The materials must have been printed or posted online during the period from December 1, 2011 to December 15th, 2012. The materials can belong to any genre of journalism.


The competitions will proceed in the following categories:

1. Printed article – 100.000 Drams

2. Articles posted online or in blogs – 100.000 Drams

3. Best student work – 100.000 Drams


Special prize will be awarded to one of the contestants. The special prize winner will be given the opportunity to take part in a Conference on Adult Education and Lifelong Learning organized in one of the European countries.


Applications are accepted till December 15th of 2012; the results of the competition will be summed up at the end of December.


The applications must be submitted to Anna Poghosyan dvv international Branch Office in Armenia; 1 Charents Str., Yerevan, info@international.am; poghosyan@dvv-international.am


In case of Electronic Applications the scanned version of the printed material must be submitted.


For more detailed information on “Adult Education and Lifelong Learning” journalistic work competition, please visit http://www.dvv-international.am

source: ARMACAD


Amazing Volunteer Opportunity in Armenia


Last year, our volunteer home building group worked to put these two boys into a safe secure home – they had been living in the rusty metal shipping container you see in the background. This June 3-17 we’ll be enjoying the richness of Armenia and its generous people in a remarkable way – by working side by side with families to construct decent housing. Join us to travel Armenia’s historic roads to see pre-Christian sites, 3rd century churches, green pastures, colorful marketplaces, and dramatic mountain gorges. Learn about Armenia’s captivating history and culture while importantly, helping a needy family achieve their lifelong dream of a healthy home. You will come away with more than you give, with more than you ever hoped to receive.

No construction experience is necessary – there’s a job for everyone. We typically alternate working 2-3 days doing concrete block construction and then tour for 1 day, with 2 days to explore Yerevan at the end of the build. Beautiful scenery, wonderful people, organic foods and a lively culture make for these times worthy of return trips!

The cost of the trip is $1450, which includes 13 nights of hotel accommodations, 12 days of meals, ground transportation (to/from airport, to/from build site, & touring), insurance, site and tour staff, T-shirt/hat & orientation materials, worksite equipment and materials, and museum/event/concert passes. The team members are responsible for obtaining their passport, immunizations (all that is really needed is an up-to-date tetanus), visa (~$12, available online), and airfare.

Accommodations are double to triple occupancy rooms with private baths (showers, sinks, and flush toilets). Breakfast is served in the hotel, lunches are served at the building site, and dinners are at various local restaurants. Our hotel in Yerevan is the Shirak hotel (see http://shirakhotel.am/rooms.html) and the Argishti Hotel in Vanadzor (see http://www.visitarm.com/Vanadzor-Argishti-Hotel/argishti.html and reviews at http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g1438527-d1438482-Reviews-Argishti_Hotel-Vanadzor.html).

Fuller Center for Housing was established by the founders of Habitat for Humanity to carry out the original mission of providing housing through sweat equity and no-interest loans. For more information on Fuller Center for Housing Armenia, see http://www.fullercenterarmenia.org/get-involved/int-v and Fuller Center Armenia FaceBook page at http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=57171610381

Please let me know if you’re interested in the trip, and please feel free to pass this email on to friends who may want to join us on this unique volunteer vacation,

Patricia Zerounian