Today in Armenian History

April 20, 1915:

-Twenty Armenian Social Democratic Hnchak Party members are brought to the Central Prison in Constantinople to face court martial. They are hanged publicly on June 2, 1915.

-The first large-scale arrests of Armenians are made in Diyarbekir upon the orders of Governor-general Reshid.

-The deportation of the 25,000 Armenians of Zeitun is completed.

Sunday, May 02, 1915
-Halil Pasha’s forces are defeated by the Russian Army in the Caucasus and in northern Iran, and retreat to Van, Bitlis, and Mush, where they participate in the massacre of the Armenians.

Sunday, August 01, 1915
The deportation of 25,000 Armenians from Adabazar, near Constantinople, begins.

Sunday, August 01, 1915
20,000 deportees arrive in Aleppo.

Sunday, August 01, 1915
Mass torture inflicted on 500 Armenians in the prisons of Adabazar.

Tuesday, August 01, 1916
The Interior Ministry abolishes the Armenian Patriarchate and the legal rights of the Armenian community (the Millet Ermeni) on the grounds that there was no Armenian community left in Turkey.

April 20, 1965:
-Birth date of National Hero Tatul Grbeyan


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