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Free Language and Computer Classes for Syrian-Armenians!

SOSFor both those holding an Armenian passport and refugee status, KASA Fondation Humanitaire Suisse is offering free Russian and Eastern Armenian language classes, alongside computer skills’ training sessions to aid in the integration process.

For more information, call (055) 44 09 15  or (093) 45 09 15.

Young Syrian-Armenian Killed in Lattakia

Hovsep Abkarian, an Armenian from Syria living in Lebanon for the last 10 years, has become victim to a crime in Lattakia, which claimed his life. The youth had returned to Syria only to renew his passport after which he planned on going to Armenia to get married. He was brutally stabbed by armed forces and left for dead. Strange enough, the golden cross around his neck had not been taken.

source: http://www.lradou.com/am/content/4/1/2151/%D4%BC%D5%A1%D5%A9%D5%A1%D6%84%D5%AB%D5%B8%D5%B5%20%D5%B4%D5%A7%D5%BB%20%D5%B8%D5%B3%D6%80%D5%A1%D5%B5%D5%AB%D5%B6%20%D5%AF%D5%A5%D6%80%D5%BA%D5%B8%D5%BE%20%D5%AF%D5%A8%20%D5%BD%D5%BA%D5%A1%D5%B6%D5%B6%D5%B8%D6%82%D5%AB%20%D4%B5%D6%80%D5%AB%D5%BF%D5%A1%D5%BD%D5%A1%D6%80%D5%A4%20%D5%85%D5%B8%D5%BE%D5%BD%D5%A7%D6%83%20%D4%B1%D5%A2%D5%A3%D5%A1%D6%80%D5%A5%D5%A1%D5%B6%D5%A8

Could You?

This is a poem I had written about 5 years ago, though one which seems rather appropriate given the atrocities the innocent of this world are facing on a daily basis today.


Will you walk the lands worn down by ancestors past?
Will you cry the tears of pain of those fallen into cruel traps cast?
Will you wail as misery sets in, haunting souls hold you fast?
Will you scream in blinding pain, stars of the universe ablast?
Will you stare in confusion, your face pale, expression aghast?

How will you cope, drowning in tears that the Heavens have shed?
How will you act, standing alone, lying still on a cold, hardened bed?
How will you sing, your voice a whisper in the wind long dead?
How will you stand, on branches and twigs, shells of a life once led?
Could you forge a new destiny from scraps of a life once known?
Could you walk now on lands where the dead resign, strictly alone?
Could you raise your voice, could you whisper comfort in pain?
Could you do all this from the cold earth in which you’ve lain?

Aleppo’s St. Kevork Church Set Ablaze

The damage in the St. Kevork Church

BEIRUT (Aztag)—The St. Kevork Armenian Church located in the Nor Kyugh neighborhood of Aleppo was set ablaze, local observers confirmed on Monday.

“The inside of the church, including offices and artifacts have been badly burned,” said spokesman of the Syrian Prelacy Jirair Reyisian, who spoke by telephone with the Beirut-based Aztag newspaper.

“The recently closed Mesrobian Armenian school, which is adjacent to the church, including its kindergarten and elementary school buildings have been severely damaged,” added Reyisian.

“In light of this barbaric act, we condemn this criminal act with the conviction and belief that those responsible for these inhumane acts against placed of worship, starting with the historic Mosque to other places of prayer and now the St. Kevork Church, will be punished,” added Reyisian.

source: http://asbarez.com/106138/aleppo%E2%80%99s-st-kevork-church-set-ablaze/