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Animals a better Christmas Gift Option than Toys for Kids with Autism

If you are going out for some last minute shopping, celebrate Christmas any day other than tomorrow or want something to add onto what you have already gotten for your autistic child, a furry little cuddly animal might just do the trick. Autism makes children picky about what they like to play with, activities they want to pick up and generally has them reacting very differently to the gifts presented during the holidays than most typically-developing children.


pets for autistic kids

Autism Insurance Coverage in the Workplace: Companies That Give You the Extra Help

Working while being a parent is hard enough without the added expenses of an autistic child at home, his or her therapies, doctor visits and problems with finding the proper day care that could be countered with the existence of autism-specific health insurance. Certain companies have now joined hands with parents like you who require the extra funding to be able to keep your home from drowning in debt due to the hefty expenses a child with autism incurs for the household.


Autism Insurance Coverage

Research Says Melatonin is Helpful, but Autism Parents Should Be Careful on Dosage

Facing autism, every little bit of information that causes no harm provides a world of help, particularly when it comes to natural hormones like Melatonin. Research has been looking into the pros and cons of the proclaimed sleep aid, in order to ensure every child’s safety, particularly the autistic often prescribed to take it.


Melatonin and Sleep

Toilet Training for Your Autistic Tots: What Methods are Best?

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, chances are that you are having problems with their toilet etiquette and potty training as well. From refusing to enter the bathroom to smearing feces on the walls, wet beds and money spent on diapers, this is one issue that can frustrate parents and even siblings to no end. It is no fun having to clean up after a child who will defecate anywhere but where he or she should.


Potty Training Autistic Children

Inspiring Autistics: Susan Boyle and 4 Other Celebrities Who Should Inspire You

Growing up, all children need role models and all parents need inspiring individuals they can introduce to their children. Autistic children are no different. http://www.emaxhealth.com/11406/inspiring-autistics-susan-boyle-and-4-other-celebrities-who-should-inspire-you   Autism and Success