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Animals a better Christmas Gift Option than Toys for Kids with Autism

If you are going out for some last minute shopping, celebrate Christmas any day other than tomorrow or want something to add onto what you have already gotten for your autistic child, a furry little cuddly animal might just do the trick. Autism makes children picky about what they like to play with, activities they want to pick up and generally has them reacting very differently to the gifts presented during the holidays than most typically-developing children.


pets for autistic kids

What Indicates if Your Little Preschooler Will Develop an Anxiety Disorder?

All children will feel anxiety in their preschool years, pulled away from loving parents and grandparents, placed into an environment that may or may not be hostile. Certain factors from one’s preschool years could become important indicators of future anxiety disorder onsets.




Which Simple Habit Can Have you living Longer?

Certain habits can make a person live longer. This one is quite simple. Are you the social butterfly or the grouch with the dozen cats?



Love in the Time of Baby Boomers

You know about the literary masterpiece but did you know that a close, intimate and rather sexy relationship with your spouse or partner as you age is the best way to ensure you live long and stay healthy?