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Animals a better Christmas Gift Option than Toys for Kids with Autism

If you are going out for some last minute shopping, celebrate Christmas any day other than tomorrow or want something to add onto what you have already gotten for your autistic child, a furry little cuddly animal might just do the trick. Autism makes children picky about what they like to play with, activities they want to pick up and generally has them reacting very differently to the gifts presented during the holidays than most typically-developing children.


pets for autistic kids

10 Reasons Why Santa Might be Autistic

Santa Clause is coming to town, but what if he is actually an autistic man who loves doing the world all the good he can. With all the worries surrounding Christmas, a bit of fun is always appreciated. Parents have way too much to cope with as it is when their children are on the spectrum and the holiday season is just days away.


Autistic Santa

33 Recommended Films and Shows with Autism to Watch this Christmas Season

With the winter upon us, coupled with longer days, spending time at home with your autistic children means lots of cuddling in front of a warm fireplace and movie. These days with the long nights should be used to create closer bonds with children, whether or not they are diagnosed with a disorder, enjoying good books, good games and good films.




Toilet Training for Your Autistic Tots: What Methods are Best?

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, chances are that you are having problems with their toilet etiquette and potty training as well. From refusing to enter the bathroom to smearing feces on the walls, wet beds and money spent on diapers, this is one issue that can frustrate parents and even siblings to no end. It is no fun having to clean up after a child who will defecate anywhere but where he or she should.


Potty Training Autistic Children

Dolma Festival 2013- Largest Dolma Ever Made!

We drove the 1h distance to Sartarabad with 3 cars and 13 repatriates for my very first Dolma Festival. Needless to say, it was a very good idea I had not eaten anything other than breakfast, considering the fact that each dolma was 100 dram (about 20-22 cents) and the fruits and accessories for the food free. Some booths had the dolma for free, which meant that they were out within 20-30 minutes from the start of the festival. The cost on the others was to prevent the same fiasco as last year, where people came with containers and filled them with food to last for the week. There were dolmas with grape leaves as per tradition, as well as fig leaves; some were with chichen, some with beef, some withveal, some with pork. There were even dolmas made with fish and crab. Most were quite delicious, each booth set up by a restaurant or culinary institute. Furthermore, what the point of a festival without song and dance? There were singers and dancers from different institutions, talents from all around Armenia shown off to the 1000+ spectators milling about or standing before the makeshift stage. There was a contest on who can eat the most alongside the contest for the best dolma and the largest dolma. Needless to say, the evening was filled with fun and laughter and stomachs so full we might not touch dolma for a couple of days, at least!

PS: the dolma to win the “Largest Dolma” contest was 8.7 meters long!!


The longest dolma!!!