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Autism Insurance Coverage in the Workplace: Companies That Give You the Extra Help

Working while being a parent is hard enough without the added expenses of an autistic child at home, his or her therapies, doctor visits and problems with finding the proper day care that could be countered with the existence of autism-specific health insurance. Certain companies have now joined hands with parents like you who require the extra funding to be able to keep your home from drowning in debt due to the hefty expenses a child with autism incurs for the household.


Autism Insurance Coverage


Inspiring Autistics: Susan Boyle and 4 Other Celebrities Who Should Inspire You

Growing up, all children need role models and all parents need inspiring individuals they can introduce to their children. Autistic children are no different. http://www.emaxhealth.com/11406/inspiring-autistics-susan-boyle-and-4-other-celebrities-who-should-inspire-you   Autism and Success