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15 Recommendations on Brushing an Autistic Child’s Teeth

Autistic children are just a little bit harder to work with as a parent, with brushing teeth one of the top problems on the list. Children with autism are hypersensitive, feeling things more thoroughly than the typically developing child. Tastes and smells can become too much. Meltdowns can become commonplace and severe. Parents in such a situation would become extremely frustrated themselves.


Autism brushes teeth


Toilet Training for Your Autistic Tots: What Methods are Best?

If your child has been diagnosed with autism, chances are that you are having problems with their toilet etiquette and potty training as well. From refusing to enter the bathroom to smearing feces on the walls, wet beds and money spent on diapers, this is one issue that can frustrate parents and even siblings to no end. It is no fun having to clean up after a child who will defecate anywhere but where he or she should.


Potty Training Autistic Children

17 Books on Autism Recommended by Parents as a Christmas Gift

Christmas is just over 2 weeks away and last minute shopping for autistic children, their parents and family friends can get just a little stressful. What books can you give your children? Parents of autistic children give their suggestions.


Books to Read on Autism