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Lies and Hateful Slander by the Baltimore Sun

Article referred to: http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2012-09-10/news/bs-ed-armenia-dispute-20120910_1_armenian-army-stokes-caucasus-feud-safarov

I’m not sure which is worse: An axe murderer claimed as a hero or his exemplary behaviour’s pardon in an American widely distributed newspaper. Furthermore, the Baltimore Sun has published not only an article in which the details of the crime committed have been altered, but Armenia and her people are represented as nothing better than murderous savages. It’s a sad day when ill written and unedited articles are carelessly published in reputable agencies of ‘truth”. One would now wonder what, if anything, written in this newspaper is indeed truth, especially when the details of both the murder and the hailing of a coward as a hero are well known and thoroughly documented. It is sheer negligence on the editor’s part to allow such unforgivably skewed material to appear as part of the largest generally-circulated newspaper in all of Maryland.

I would like to direct the reader’s attention to a few lines that have me bemused.

“So when he engaged in a deadly fight with an Armenian military officer it was against someone who represented everything that’s wrong with today’s world.”-

  1.  The details of what occurred can be found here
  2. Armenians represent everything that is wrong with the world today? I didn’t know poverty-stricken landlocked countries belonging to one of the oldest civilizations in the world could ever warrant such a description. I daresay, it’s almost flattering! Who would think that a mere couple of million people out of the multiple billion could represent everything evil.. the Devil himself must be green with envy!
  3. Forget the measly few million, a single man represents all the world’s evils… I’m utterly flabbergasted! To think, Armenians are on of more pious people of the world, criticized constantly for their sheep at a slaughter mentality….

“The Obama administration and Congress should instead take the courageous step of officially recognizing the Azerbaijani Genocide and the Khojaly Massacre — the biggest crime against humanity in the entire Caucasus during the second half of the 20th century.”-

  1. Khojali is a complicated issue- My research on it can be found here
  2. What in God’s name is the Azerbaijani Genocide? Genocide was coined by Raphael Lemkin (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFPch5OILfU) and the legal meaning of the word is: http://www.hrweb.org/legal/genocide.html
  3. There was never any intention of destroying a people on the Armenians’ part- No proof of this exists nor is there any motive present. The Artsakh war was fought to liberate lands handed over to Azerbaijan, where Armenians were a majority but treated as inferiors. A war was fought and won and the land now belongs to the Armenians once again.
  4. I beg to bring to the reader’s attention the massacres of Sumgait and Baku. Maraga joined the list in 1992- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6ZAf4DdHI8
  5. The biggest crime against humanity currently lies in the fact that no Armenian is allowed into Azerbaijan. There are, however, Azeris living in Armenia, married to Armenians, comfortable in their settings but lamenting the closed borders and lack of access to see family sealed on the other side of the invisible wall.

“That would assure that U.S. foreign policy has not been hijacked by the Armenian special interests that are bankrolling the statements of the Obama administration and Congress this election year.”

  1. I’m not sure whether to be shocked or to laugh at this absurd proclamation…. Armenia is a poor country with a few rich people who couldn’t care less what nationality they belong to- They definitely will not be buying out any politicians…. the ANCA is a lobby group that works to push the interests of a rather sizeable American minority in Washington. I highly doubt the grassroots organization has the means to buy anyone out either. The absurdity of this claim is only amplified by the fact that a few months ago, a scandal arose in which it was discovered that a pro-Turkish US politician was receiving large amounts of money from Turkish organizations for unknown reasons.
  2. If US foreign policy had been hijacked by Armenians, America would have not only recognized the Armenian genocide, but condemned Turkey and placed pressure on its current rather strong ally to right the wrongs in her history.
  3. I highly doubt Armenians will be voting for Obama this time around, since we are only human and broken promises aren’t forgotten easily.

I would urge complaints to be directed to customersatisfaction@baltsun.com

The power lies in the people. No news agency should be allowed to get away with inciting hatred and spreading undue lies.