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Glendale Schools to Close April 24

Source: http://asbarez.com/110180/glendale-schools-to-close-on-april-24/

Glendale Unified School District

GLENDALE—The Glendale Unified School District Board on May 16 announced that beginning in 2014, all schools will be closed on April 24 “out of respect for the large Armenian community in Glendale and La Crescenta.

“With this agreement on next year’s calendar, we are meeting the needs of our students, employees and community simultaneously,” said Board President Nayiri Nahabedian, who added that the decision accommodates the commemoration of the Armenian Genocide.

“This is truly an important milestone for the Armenian-Americans living in Glendale. I’d like to thank GTA and all the GUSD board members along with the administration for their mutual agreement in this matter,” said newly-elected Board member Dr. Armina Gharpetian.

“It is at this juncture that we, as a district, take a moment to honor those who perished in the first genocide of the 20th Century, and, in doing so, acknowledge the genocides which tragically followed in all corners of the world. Armenians, like so many other immigrants, have found refuge and hope in the United States,” said Board member Greg Krikorian.

The Armenian National Committee of America – Glendale welcomed the Glendale Unified School District announcement that it had reached an agreement with the Glendale Teachers Association on designating April 24, 2014 as a student free/non-work day.

“We commend the Glendale Unified School District and the Glendale Teachers Association on their willingness to support the desire of their students to properly pay tribute to the victims of the Armenian Genocide without having to be absent from classes,” stated ANCA-Glendale Chairman Berdj Karapetian.

The ANCA-Glendale Education Committee chairperson Hilma Balaian thanked the School Board members for their leadership and efforts to find a solution that addresses the needs of the students, community, employees, and administration.

Balaian added that a large number of students and employees have been absent or taken time off in the past when April 24 has fallen on an instructional day.

Karapetian encouraged community members to attend next week’s School Board meeting to express their appreciation to the Board members, administration, teachers, and other employees of the GUSD.

The ANCA-Glendale advocates for the social, economic, cultural, and political rights of the city’s Armenian American community and promotes increased civic participation at the grassroots and public policy levels.


Armenian Genocide Commemorations Around the World 2013- On Video

















Armenian Genocide Commemorations Around the World 2013



Քնար Բաբայան, eMedia.am


In Tbilisi the Armenians of Georgia on 23 April organized a torchlight procession in honor of victims of the Armenian Genocide in the Ottoman Empire.The march began at the park “Vake” and ended in front of the Turkish Embassy in Georgia,where more than 100 protesters spoke against the policy of denying the Armenian Genocide in 1915.The organizer of the event is to Student Association “Communities of Armenians of Georgia”.During the rally participants chanted “Recognition”, “Justice”, “Turkey-crime” ,sang patriotic songs.
Photos by Armen Grigoryan





Photo by: Heggie A.
Police clash with protesters at the annual rally to protest the mass killings of Armenians in Ottoman Turkey nearly a century ago in Thessaloniki, Greece.






A scene from the Armenian genocide commemoration in Istanbul today (Photo by Razmik Panossian)- From Armenian Weekly
Genocide Commemorated in Diyarbakir for First Time


DC Community Demands US Reaffirmation at White House Protest

Los Angeles- Asbarez

Chicago- pics courtesy of Filor Nigoghossian


Armenian community based organizations of Belarus Republic and Armenian Embassy held an event dedicated to the memory of Armenian Genocide victims, which took place near the cross-stone installed in Minsk Central Military Cemetery.
As Armenpress was informed from press service of Armenian Foreign Ministry, representatives of Polish, Jewish, Russian, Yezidi communities participated in the event. After laying wreaths for the memory of the victims Armenian Ambassador Armen Khachatryan and head of “Armenia” community based organization delivered speeches.


On April 24, the Armenian Church of St. Mary Magdalene in Brussels held a liturgy in commemoration with the 98th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide in Ottoman Turkey. The liturgy was followed by a procession to the memorial stones dedicated to the memory of the innocent victims of the Genocide, set on one of the squares of Brussels.
Spiritual leaders held a memorial ceremony, which was followed by speeches by the President of the Armenian community in Belgium Michel Mamuryan and head of the Armenian delegation to NATO, Ambassador Armen Yedigaryan.
Genocide victims were honored by the Vice-President of the Belgian Senate Armand De Decker, representatives of the government, recognized Belgian politicians and public figures, representatives of Jewish community, intellectuals and journalists.
Earlier, on April 23 Armenian Students’ Union “Nairyan” organized rally with candles.





The Argentine Football Championship 10th round of “Boca Juniors” – “Belgrano” meeting (0-0)started with lining of the Armenian Genocide.
In “Boca Juniors”,that was presented Argentine’s capital,”Estadio Armando Khakinto” stadium poster exhibition was initiated by the local Armenian community.



Armenian Genocide Memorial erected in Hungary




Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan

Armenian Genocide commemorated in Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan


Photo by: Natalie McLeod

Today Marks the 1st day of the Battle of Musa Dagh


Wednesday, July 21, 1915
First day of the Turkish attack on Musa Dagh (Musa Ler in Armenian).

The following eighteen men are the martyrs of Musa Dagh. They lost their lives in 1915 during the bloody battle, struggling to the death to protect home and family. The Mountain of Musa (Samandagh today) became their tombs, near a monument that stood at the site until lately, where the graveyard and pieces of once thriving Armenian community are systematically destroyed in an attempt to rewrite history.

Today, there are three standing monuments dedicated to these heroic men and the battle of Musa Dagh. One is located in Armenia, one in Cambridge, Canada, and the last, built in 1996, in Anjar, Lebanon.

The Martyrs :
Hagop Karageozian 1880-1915
Hovhannes Koojanian 1874-1915
Hovhannes Loorchian 1891-1915
Sarkis Shannakian 1880-1915
Samuel Boyajian 1874-1915
Habet Vanayan 1889-1915
Bedros Havatian 1882-1915
Abraham Seklemian 1898-1915
Grigor Kebourian 1854-1915
Grigor Nekroorian 1875-1915
Jabra Kheyoyan 1887-1915
Samuel Markarian 1891-1915
Missak Bayramian 1897-1915
Baghdassar Mardikian 1886-1915
Hampartsoum Khoshian 1874-1915
Boghos Andekian 1894-1915
Hagop Havatian 1885-1915
Bedros Penenian 1855-1915

If you wish to know the future of a nation, look to its youth…

These are Karekin Njteh’s words, encapsulating a universal truth. Yet, when you watch the youth slip away day by day, when they forget cultural values and history, what will a nation’s future be? When the youth have no idea what their own national monuments represent, what will we become? When genocide education is neglected in the classroom yet those children walk to Dzidzernagapert, unknowing as to why they do so, what sort of future can we expect them to create?

Seeing this newsclip and watching the numbers dwindle in genocide commemoration year by year, one has to wonder where we went wrong. A day of mourning and commemoration is tuned into a day off work, a lovers’ stroll, children’s games, a socializing event, and anything but what it should be. The sheer ignorance of it all is astounding. The genocide is only one aspect of Armenian history, a tiny portion in an extraordinarily large book. However, for the youth, it is almost as if it never existed. One girl thought it was a commemoration for Avarayr, an ancient battle against the forced annihilation of a religion. The girl mentioned a battle from nearly 2000 years ago but failed to realize that the catastrophic mass murder of a nation that the world commemorates is but 97 years old. The thought of the day becoming one for social interactions is absurd enough, but not knowing why you trek up those steps to Dzidzernagapert is disturbing. The blame lies within the school system for failing to educate the country’s youth.