Ancient Yerevan

Yerevan was founded nearly 2800 years ago and today, is considered to be one of the oldest cities in the world. It was originally known as Erepuni.


The Beginning of the Tea House

As in Vienna and Paris, Armenians opened the first coffeehouse in London (1652). Pasqua Rosee opened the first coffeehouse in the city. Such was Rosee’s success that tavern keepers protested that Rosee had no right to set up a business, since he was not a freeman of the city. Rosee was forced out of the country, but the idea of the coffeehouse took hold.

The Fortification

Armenian architects of Cilicia were great experts on fortifications and military architecture. The most outstanding example of this, according to T.S.R. Boase, an expert on Crusader buildings, is the Caste of Anamur. It had thirty-six towers, many of them in the innovative horse-shoe style. At the fortress of Lampron, Armenians designed circular openings for nocturnal signalling, sort of optical telegraphy.

The Architecture

Gothic architecture is a misnomer: there’s nothing Gothic about it. Three of the most prominent structural innovations of “Gothic” architecture” such as clustered columns, ribbed vaults, and pointed arches were created in Ani in the 10th century, a full century before their appearance in Europe. It’s believed that the influence of Armenian architects was transmitted to Italy and France through the Balkans and by the Crusaders.

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