BBC report: ‘The last Armenians of Myanmar’


One of the oldest churches in Myanmar, also known as Burma, is struggling to keep going – its congregation only occasionally reaches double figures. But the opening up of the country to outside investment and tourism is offering new hope.

Armenian Church of Myanmar Armenian Church of Myanmar

Reverend John Felix, priest at the Armenian church in Yangon, also known as Rangoon, can’t speak Armenian – but then neither can his congregation. Not that there is much of a congregation these days – just seven, myself included, on a recent Sunday morning.

The 150-year-old church enjoys an imposing location, at a street corner in downtown Yangon. It’s a beautiful building, a patch of calm in a bustling city. The Armenian Orthodox church of St John the Baptist – standing, suitably, on Merchant Street – is almost all that’s left of what was one of the city’s main…

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One thought on “BBC report: ‘The last Armenians of Myanmar’”

  1. Visit the Church, but don’t trust the man living there John Felix, who claims to be the resident Priest. He is neither a priest in the Anglican or Armenian Churches and is merely a Anglican deacon who is no longer recognised by the Anglican Church. He is illegally living on the grounds as a vagrant. Church services will from Oct 2014 onward be held weekly at the Church conducted by a legitimate Armenian priest from Calcutta, until a permanent priest is assigned. Check out the latest news from the BBC on this matter:

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