Wine’s ancient Armenian roots by Dr. Caroline Gilby


Wine expert Dr Caroline Gilby MW (Master of Wine) has written an interesting article about the ancient origins of wine. Bellow screenshot of the page followed by the transcript of the article.


Wine’s ancient Armenian roots

By Dr Caroline Gilby MW

Several countries vie for the title of ‘birthplace of wine’, but new evidence suggests that Armenia is the winner. And now a new producer aims to bring modern winemaking to the country.

Armenia is a small landlocked former Soviet republic, sandwiched between Georgia, Turkey, Iran and Azerbaijan, and yet with its own unique language and culture. Its population is just three million people, though worldwide an estimated eight million people claim Armenian descent. It’s not exactly well known as a wine country but recent developments should put Armenia squarely back on the world wine map.

Wine origins
In recent years, Turkey and Georgia have fought for pride of place as…

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