The Song Of The Stork


The Stork is traditionally considered a sacred animal in Armenian legends and mythology. The stork “Aragil”  was in ancient Armenian mythology considered as the messenger of Ara the Beautiful, as well as the defender of fields. According to ancient mythological conceptions, two stork symbolize the sun. Storks are found in abundance on Armenia Highlands, of particular importance are the wetlands of the Ararat valley. Even today Armenia is a proud residence for a sizable population. They are seldom persecuted and often nest close to people, on anything from telegraph poles to roofs. A stork nest on your house is seen as a sign of good luck. As such the stork has often been a source of inspiration from the times immemorial, revered in ancient folk tales, legends, mythology and folk songs. The Song of the Stork is a medieval Armenian folk song translated into English by Zabelle C. Boyajian in her book “Armenian Legends and Poems” (1916). Click…

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