Tablets Made in Armenia

I think I shall begin with presenting the inspiration for this post from Now, you must be thinking, “once again, Armenians are abusing the market and stealing from their own people.” How wrong you are; and how wrong the writer of this article is. Perhaps I should elaborate.

First, I want to point out that not everyone can make an Armtab, but most any company that wishes can make a tablet. Whether or not it has the same specs (typical specs), is up to them. But Armtab cannot be replicated, for the simple reason that it uses a rather amazing operating system.

Second, I wish to point out that should the actual manufacturing have been in Armenia, Minno would have had to pay 10x as much than that which the chinese get paid in their country, where the population allows for a disposable workforce. I’m pretty sure Armenians would not be working for 50 drams a day. So, to keep costs low (so the average Armenian CAN afford to buy the tablet- PS: all tech pieces are manufactured in china or at least most), that part of the making is outsourced. The rest, however, is all purely Armenian.

What exactly is Armenian about it? 

  • Research and development
  • Software design
  • Operating Systems
  • Applications tailored specifically for the market they are produced for (nursing homes, restaurants, hospitals, etc.)
  • Branding
  • Tablet design

After all this, is this tablet NOT Made in Armenia?

If you are not convinced, let me add to it. Instigate has designed the operating system known as Arax, as well as the Vostan mind map based Content Management System. Furthermore, the Locater system is also made in Armenia, for Armenian use, allowing for a 3D trip around places you locate on a map. Furthermore, the PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) is also done in Armenia. Let’s add the addition of Quality Control by local specialists and I do believe the product becomes exclusively Armenian. Jobs done in Armenia, as such, allow for a normal pay and work to be transferred around the regions, particularly the digital aspects. Armenia already works on processing chips that are used by MediaTek, Rockchip and others.

On a final note, the Android software code for the Armtabs is also written in Armenia. As such, Armtab is purely Armenian and anyone who speaks otherwise knows not what they utter. Of course, for some dissenters the government cannot allow ANYTHING to be done correctly. This is false. I commend the government’s initiative to have Armtabs made available for every student who enters the first grade. There may be other important things to pay attention to, but praise must be given where deserved, and I give my praise to the government in this regard. May you continue to do things that help our country prosper and place us on the world map.

PS: Remember, when a child is growing up and hears that it only does wrong, it WILL only do wrong. 😉


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