Pag Shouga (Pak Shuka) Opens Once More to the Public

The closed market, also known as the pag shouga, was a farmer’s market. Askign anyone on the street, the place is remembered with nostalgia, a venue for every form of fruit or vegetable needed at cheap prices.

“The historic Pak Shuka Market was a central bazaar constructed in 1952 by engineer Hamazasp Arakelyan and designed by famed architect Grigor Aghababyan (whose 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2011). It was listed on the State List of Immovable Historical and Cultural Monuments of Yerevan as an officially recognized architectural monument. During the Soviet era, when the avenue was named Lenin Prospekt, it was Yerevan’s only market with a fixed roof.”-

Samvel Aleksanyan, business tycoon and known oligarch in Armenia, was responsible for the “reconstruction” into a sterile space akin to a supermarket with a real Yerevan City style one attached behind the traditional farmers’ market. The farmers have mentioned that though they will be selling their produce under the roof of the Pak Shuka once again, no contracts have been signed. That doesn’t bode well. I should check this bit of information myself, considering the rumours running about rarely hold much truth. More on that in a later post.

The first time I saw what the Pak Shuka once looked like was through this clip.


A similar shuka I’ve seen in Stepanagert and utterly fallen in love with its charm. I can most definitely understand why people adored the space, with its lovely architecture and ease of access from around the city.

What the Closed Market on Mashdots used to be like?

What do you think it looks like now?

One thought on “Pag Shouga (Pak Shuka) Opens Once More to the Public”

  1. been there, many times when it was it’s own(with it’s friendly people and tasty shuchugh and Armenian treats), and this last september when it was turned to a cardboard supermarket, hopefully the mountains won’t reflect to much..;-(…

    With friendly greetz, rogier

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