What Zaruhi Postandjyan SHOULD have asked…

Thank you Raffi for these words… I think you have clearly stated that not only the current ruling party, but also the so-called opposition are quite literally unfit to hold diplomatic positions of any type.

I love to see women take seats of power, standing equal to men in a society that still struggles to accept the female intellectual capabilities. What appalls me is when those women in fact have no diplomatic abilities and only serve to hurt the female image in the country. The most sexist of them all are probably wringing hands with glee, excited with the prospect that they have ammunition to keep women out of power positions now. Thank you Zaruhi for being a disgrace for the Armenian women in politics. Where you could have been classy and played your cards as an adult, you stooped to the petty level of a child, a spoiled brat who will lash out without proof or tact in front of polished adults. If the point of all this was to shame the president, you failed miserably, my dear. On the contrary, you might have pushed people towards the current Head of State. After all, though quite adapt at deceit, Serj Sargisyan is clever as a fox and possesses a slightly tarnished silver tongue…


Though we have already commented on the absurdity of the Postandjyan-Sargsyan exchange which took place on the floor of PACE earlier this week, the event, and the ensuing scandal continues to divide Armenian society.

Many in the opposition Heritage Party, as well as various people on social networks have praised her actions as a brave challenge to President Sargsyan, while representatives of the ruling Republican Party have slammed her comments as treason, going so far as to call her a Turk or an Azeri. With member of the HHK faction in the National Assembly, Arakel Movsisian (apparently unaware that his own expression of disgust at an inappropriate comment was way more offensive on its own) said: “She went to bed with a Turk,”.

The question at hand was the following: “Have you been to a European casino lately, and — since you are known to the public as a gambler —…

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2 thoughts on “What Zaruhi Postandjyan SHOULD have asked…”

  1. Ծախուած է եւ Փոստաճեանը եւ Սարգիսեանը. մեծ պետութիւններու կռիւը.. սակայն ստորին է Փոստաճեանինը, որովհետեւ յաջորդ վեց ամիսներուն համար Սագիսեանը պիտի նախագահէր Մակի ամպիոնը.. կռնակէն դանակոծել էր .. մի գուցէ դրացի պետութեան իկոյին հարցը..

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