Prince Valerian Madatov


Prince Valerian Grigoryevich Madatov (1782 – September 4, 1829) was a Russian prince of Armenian ancestry and a lieutenant-general of the Russian Empire.

Madatov was born Rostom Madatyan in 1782 in Avetaranots, a village of the historical Varanda county of Nagorno-Karabakh, in a minor Armenian noble family as a melik (prince). At the age of 15 he left Karabakh for St. Petersburg with senior nobleman to seek support from Catherine the Great in their efforts to abolish Muslim control of the region. In St. Petersburg, young Madatov joined the Leib Guard Preobrazhensky Regiment at the rank of praporshik, and for the next 10 years spent his time training and serving in lower officer ranks. Madatov saw action for the first time in 1808 on the Danube during the storming of the Brailov fortress, where he received his first order of commendation. In 1810 Madatov joined the Aleksandriya Hussar Regiment as a captain and later as a major. Madatov’s first major combat…

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  1. Prince Valerian Grigoryevich Madatov (Russian: Валериан Григорьевич Мадатов, Armenian: Ռոստոմ Մադաթյան, Rostom Madatyan) (1782 – September 4, 1829) was a Russian prince and a lieutenant-general of the Russian Empire.

    He concluded his career fighting the Turks once again on the Danube during the Russo-Turkish War, 1828-1829. On September 4, 1829, two days after the signing of a peace treaty that ended the war, Madatov died from a pulmonary disease, which was sharply aggravated as a result of the burdens of marching during the war. His remains are interred at the Alexander Nevsky Lavra in Saint Petersburg

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