Jobs in Armenia for Gyumretsis and Syrian-Armenians that Pay $600

There is an amazing initiative by “Digital Pomegranate” ( to provide jobs for Gyumretsis and now also targeting Syrian-Armenians who wish to stay in Armenia and settle their roots. They provide IT training and fair-pay jobs to the locals, to work from home and be able to juggle life’s hectic schedule. For more information about their Building Gyumri project, read and listen here:

Those who live in the diaspora and have need for IT-based services, including web-sites, online shopping capabilities, interactive appointment calendars, etc., do turn to this new business which helps your country by providing proper monthly wages and helps you enhance your own business. There are many awesome companies I can advertise here, but I want to see my country prosper, my people live well and businesses who help achieve these things reach new and great heights. The founder of Digital pomegranate are rather amazing people, having met a few myself. Help them help our country flourish. Armenia doesn’t end in Yerevan 😉

If interested in a position, contact Digital Pomegranate. If there’s an IT background or a graphic design one, all the better


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