Letter to my Country: Happy 22nd Independence Day Armenia!

Letter to My Country


My dearest Armenia,

Today you are another year older. A young adult. You have seen both ups and downs and your young life has been full of turmoil. You have blossomed into a beautiful young country, with such amazing attributes and have so much still ahead of you. Dearest Armenia, you have been a mother to me these last few months and I cannot imagine loving you more.
On this special day, I congratulate you. You have survived and you have thrived. Do not listen to those who speak ill of you. They know not your treasures, your amazing nature. You are, and always will be, the most beautiful part of my heart.

I watched the fireworks light up the sky today and smiled with such contentment. I listened to Nune Yesayan sing “Hye Enk Menk” and sang along with such gusto. I lived with her patriotic songs and swayed with the Sayat Nova. The repertoire was better than that in Artsakh on September 2nd by leaps and bounds, without a doubt. Oh Armenia, I saw you smile as your children rejoiced today. I felt your warm satisfaction as the streets were decorated with Red, Blue and Orange, faces painted for a few cents all day long and the excited chatter of your children along the streets created a different atmosphere, one of hope, of goodness, of prosperity. A man asked me if I was optimistic about your future today, dearest Armenia. How can I say anything but a resounding YES.

You held two celebrations today as well. Your children are not clones of one another, but of different backgrounds and traditions, albeit their Armenian blood. The people of Musa Ler danced under your bright full moon tonight. The children of survivors of the genocide, of battles fought to live, of brave encounters with those who wished them dead, they live here. They live on your soil and dance every year, remembering their victory which fell in their 40 days of triumph over the Turkish murderers sent to wipe them off the face of this earth. Today, they dance and they sing and they play your ancient instruments while cooking 40 pots of harisa.

I can’t tell you enough how happy I am to be home or how to clearly state how amazing a mother you have been. What I can tell you today is a heartfelt Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

Your dear wandering child come home


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