Procession to Work

High heels and flats, pants and skirts, dresses casual and flashy. A procession headed to work, coming out of the “Hanrabedutyan Hrabarag” metro station and moving in nearly a straight line towards the actual square in the center (though in reality slightly askew) of Yerevan. Best part is, most are women, though you will see the odd man in a suit and tie with his nose raised in the air. This is a country full of female employees, working for their male counterparts who hold higher positions. That’s where I come in. I work at USAID’s EDMC project, as youth and gender project assistant. My job is to help increase rates of female entrepreneurship in this country, with a focus on tourism, pharmaceuticals, IT, and food processing. The point is to create value chains, connecting the women (mostly gender at this point) in business to one another, reducing reliance on import and foreign manufacturing. Of course, I have much more on my plate, but that’s the jist of it. I get to help my country prosper, one step at a time.

Coming back to the original point, watching from the benches on the square, one is quite amused with this female led lovely procession between 8:30 and 9 am!


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