7 Reasons to Dump Mary Jane


3 thoughts on “7 Reasons to Dump Mary Jane”

  1. I follow ur blog post. Love reading what u have to say. But when it comes to this….. i have to completely disagree. I am not a user of Mary Jane, i prefer to drink, but when it comes to your facts or the facts you read. I believe this is misleading info.

    1. Perhaps, yet its actual studies referenced that show this to be true. Many people seem to disagree, and there are a few benefits, but the damage caused outweighs the good… It’s the worst for teenagers, as their pre-frontal cortex is damaged forever and the mylenation that would have occurred to solidify many synapses is no longer possible. It’s what we have taken in child development classes, where or professors were experts on the subject. I think they are better equipped to answer on the topic, as opposed to the mass denouncement of all studies presenting the hams the weed causes.

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