WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There you have it! The people of Armenia have spoken. No, they have screamed out “miyoutyoun” and whistled and called and demanded that only 100 drams be paid for transport. They have pulled together and started the free car initiative! They have run after buses and walked with signs all over the center of the city, refusing to pay the extra 50 dram. They have harassed the drivers and congregated around the bus stops for 4 days now. And they have won! That’s right! The people of Yerevan, the simple citizens who can barely pay the 100 drams. These are the ones who won. They stood up for what they believed in, banded together against a terrible decision made by government to benefit the owners of the bus lines, and finally saw the fruits of their hard work. Protesting day in and day out, creating posters and pulling together large groups is most definitely hard work. They walked from morning till later in the evening and they bolstered the confidence of the people afraid to challenge the status quo. And right now, Yerevan is smiling. Yerevan is cheering. Yerevan’s simple population finally understands a simple truth: there’s victory only in unity! CONGRATULATIONS YEREVAN!!

Photocredit: Ruben Malayan
Photocredit: CivilNet


Photocredit: George Tabakian

4 thoughts on “WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. յուսամ հետին նպատակներով չէ որ այս մէկը ձգեցին ժողովուրդը յաջողած կարծէ.. հաւատքս կորած է.. 😦

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