General Mushegh (4th century)


On the efforts of General Mushegh for the return of Armenian land to Arsacid rule from Persians and various rebels.

Vardan Mamikonian statue in Gyumri

“But the brave general sparapet (commander-in-chief) of Armenia was full of vengeance, and all the days of his life he was very zealous and with just labor tried always loyally to work for the kingdom of the land of Armenia. He worked day and night. He strived and labored in warfare, and did not permit even a grain to be taken from the borders of the country of Armenia. He lived for the land, and would die for the reputation of bravery, and for the native lords, the inhabitants of the land, the Christian faith, the baptized folk who believe in God and Christ, for the churches, for their consecrated ornaments, for the martyria of Christ, for the covenant of God, for the sisters and brothers, for the relatives of [his]…

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