Meet and Greet Repatriate Style

It’s a known fact that people will always gravitate towards those of similar mind, bonds forming over common ground. Repatriates to Armenia are no different. On the contrary, I doubt I’m the only one who has read every single repatriate story posted and seen as many interviews with such individuals as possible.

As it is, there is a rather interesting organization known as “Repat Armenia” to the average person, which caters to the needs of all those “crazy people” (as both those in Armenia and abroad like to name us) who have made the big move or have included this leap in their plans for the near future. I first came across the organization while searching for opportunities in Armenia. I do believe I had it on a constant tab for the last 10 months or so.

A few days ago I had the great pleasure of meeting those lovely people I had been in contact with for quite a while, in person. Yesterday, the Repat team further strengthened by group of contacts in Armenia, having brought together a rather unlikely crowd from the four corners of the world. If I have noted correctly, we had many who were born in Armenia but lived all their lives abroad, of which 3 have made the move permanently, and many more with the mindset to move within the next 2-3 years. It was quite simply a mosaic, where there were both the young and the old, the 3 fresh repatriates and the few who had moved over 10 years ago, all of whom had taken that plane with a one way ticket from different parts of the world. We had France and Egypt, the US (largest population) and Canada, Lebanon and Syria, Finland, Russia and England.

We met with wine glasses, over tables laden with food and the great mountains of our homeland looming overhead. Flanked by Ara’s Mountain and Mount Arakadz, we stared wistfully a the beautiful Sis and Masis, seemingly appearing quite clear for our sake. We met at InnSerenity, a true haven of peace in the village of Aghtsk, accommodating in 5 rooms those who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a good price, especially when one considers the homemade wine and vodka alongside the spa and yoga.

Last of all, what’s a party without music? When you have such an odd crowd come together under one roof, comprised of amazing personalities and life stories, there’s bound to be a musician or 2 who discover the piano and begin a trend that will hopefully that root. Who can resist joining in when “Yerevan-Erepouni” is played with such gusto, or when “Kini Lits” is sung with so much passion? After pumping our adrenaline thus, it’s no wonder that these music lovers continued with their vocal practice throughout the bus ride back into the city. I must say, I doubt I have enjoyed a bus ride more!

I suppose the conclusion of this piece is that I am waiting quite impatiently for the next time we can laugh and sing with such abandon, quite content in the knowledge that I am not the only “crazy” person walking the streets of my homeland.

Photos courtesy of Armen Hareyan-


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