Layover in Vienna

Subways that run on an honour system. Breaded cutlets with funny names praised at every turn. Classic artists immortalized on every street corner, including on chocolates. Kind people who offer you help and invite you to stay over with them next time you visit. Projected arrival times on walls in airport. Men dressed in olden Viennese royal livery. Art and stonework on every building. Opera music on plane as you land. Amazing tasting green tea (though still made by Lipton’s.. I have yet to unravel this mystery). Tour buses that allow you to enjoy the tour before paying when you feel comfortable. Kind smiles and helpful faces all about.

Vienna is an amazing place. Truly! Can you imagine not having your ticket checked before boarding the train? Apparently there are random checks, but for the most part, people buy a ticket and board without the constant need for policing. I see man walking around dressed in classic Viennese livery. Every building had a unique touch, a different carving, each a piece of art. Took the subway down to the city and back. Funny thing is, there are 2 types: the express which will cost you 16 euros and the regular which costs 4. Most definitely more expensive than Toronto, but it’s got comfy seats (express is comfier by the looks of it), place to put your baggage, and a funky system that allows you to open the door yourself when you get to a stop.

Next time I visit, however, I will most definitely make it a point to visit the Armenian parts of the city and the Schonbrunn palace.


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