Medallion from ancient Armavir


Armavir was one of the oldest and most sacred cities of Armenia. It was an ancient capital of Armenia, said to have been founded by King Aramais in 1980 B.C. In addition to its prominence as a capitol of Armenia, Armavir has served as a center of religious worship almost continuously from its establishment to present. Traces of ancient cult worship of the sun and the moon, pre-Christian temples and medieval Churches have been uncovered. Often build on top of each other, the sacred structures replaced one another as religious beliefs changed over time. Nevertheless, the sanctity of the site remained constant for thousands of years.

Armenian traditional historiography (Khorenatsi I. 10; Sebeos I) depicts the ancient history of Armavir as follows: Aramaneak (var.: Aramenak, Armenak), the eldest son of the Armenian forefather Hayk, moves from Hayk’s province of Hark‘ to the  Ararat valley and settles at the foot of…

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