The Insidious Politicking with “875,000” Azerbaijanis.

Artsakh.Org.UK [ԱՐՑԱԽ]

7800354294_43bf0e6d74_zI have always been intrigued by the oft quoted number, by those sympathetic to the Azerbaijani perspective of the war, of 875000 people being Internally Displaced People (IDP’s) or refugees from the war. Also, the lobbying campaign to allow them to return home has left me wondering what that actually means practically.

The European Azerbaijan Society is consistent on its position that this number represents both refugees (from Armenia) and IDP’s ( from within the UN recognised borders of Azerbaijan). Other publications do suggest that they are all IDP’s. If this is the case then this total population must have come from the boundaries of the original Nagorno-Karabakh Autonomous Oblast (NKAO), and the 7 surrounding regions, and not from Armenia which the following analysis would suggest is extremely unlikely.

A 1979 survey of the NKAO stated the population as being 162,200 ( including 37,300 Azeris). An estimated split would be…

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One thought on “The Insidious Politicking with “875,000” Azerbaijanis.”

  1. where are the 475,000 Armenians of Baku that JIVAGH misplaced them sending anywhere around the world but Armenia! they are in russia usa and around the world

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