5000 Dram

Photograph by` Edgar Harutyunyan

Few know that on the back of the 5000 dram Armenian bill, the equivalent of about $12-13, the scene depicted is actually Martiros Saryan’s “Karinj collective farm village in the mountains of Tumanyan” (1952) painting digitized.


3 thoughts on “5000 Dram”

  1. On 22 November 1993, banknotes of 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 and 500 dram were issued.[2] Notes for 1000 and 5000 dram were put into circulation on 25 October 1994 and 6 September 1995, respectively. On 1 March 1999, a 20,000 dram note was issued, whilst a commemorative 50,000 dram note was issued on 4 June 2001 to observe the 1700th anniversary of the adoption of Christianity in Armenia. 10,000 dram notes were introduced on 1 November 2003.

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