Marten Yorgantz- A Childhood Favourite

Born June 24, 1946, in what is known today as Istanbul, Marten Yorgantz is a popular French-Armenian singer and composer. He is recognized as the most popular Armenian singer in Europe with over a thousand songs sung in over 10 languages.

After the Earthquake in Armenia, he gave 100 concerts benefiting the children and families affected. 

He has recorded 24 albums in different languages, mostly in Armenian, Italian and French. Among his well-known hits are “Chkuytik”, “Hayi Achker”, “Hayeren Ergenk”, “Ayp, Pen, Kim”, “Ay Maral Maral”, “Partir pour ne plus revenir” and others.

In 1974, he opens his 1st restarant in Paris called “Cappadocia”, followed by a 2nd to the chain just outside of the city in Alford. In 1980 he opened his 3rd restaurant on Saint Germain des Prés, in the heart of Paris so as to attract more local celebrities, called “Restaurant Yorgantz”.  Within the last 10 years, he also opened his latest restaurant, known as “Chez Yorgantz”, where both Italian and Armenian delicacies are served as he entertains with a pianist and guitarist by his side. To this day, Yorgantz will sing for concerts, dances and other festivities, alongside his constant appearance at piano bars around the city.


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