Enough is Enough: Armavir Taking a Stand

The villagers of Armavir took a stand today against the inaction of the government that promised them safety. They blocked the roads, refusing to allow anyone to pass.

Earlier this week, a terrible hailstorm destroyed much of the crops the farmer villagers rely on to survive throughout the year. The people demand some sort of compensation, as well as a freeze on bank interests and credit, in order to be able to continue surviving at least. Governor of Armavir, Ashot Ghahramanyan, gave his word that there would be compensation. However, when the people would be receiving this, there was no time frame given. When the governors of the villages and province realized the villagers are unsatisfied with this answer, they provided a 2 day time limit, assuring the protesters that they will have their answer on Thursday.

For the moment, the villagers are partially pacified. However, should there be no new development on the matter within the given time frame, they will take back to the streets and pretty much make the roads hellishly inaccessible to those “in charge” of their survival, let alone well-being.


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