Partridge Fortress

Gakavapert (Geghi fortress)

Geghi is a medieval fort-mansion, located in the Mazaz region of the Ararat province, on the right shores of the Azat River (Ararat district). It was first mentioned by Hovhannes Draskhanakertsi (9-10cc) as a Bagratuni «clan field». In the 11c. it passed to the Pahlavuni’s and in 12-13c to the Proshyan’s. As reported by Draskhanakertsi, in 924 Geghi was attacked by the Beshir commander and was later himself beaten by Gevorg Marzpetuni. The last time Geghi was mentioned was in 1224 when, after losing the battle near Garni, Ivane Zakaryan found shelter.

The fortress was built on the top of a high mountain, making it unreachable from three sides. On the north-eastern side, there are stretched walls` 2-2.5 m wide and towers `8-10 m high. Inside the fort there are ruins of a church and other buildings.

The Geghi fortress was also mentioned by Muratsan in his historical novel «Gevorg Marzpetuni».


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