Ancient Goris

The first known mention of the city named Goris is from within the Urartian period. King Rusa I (8th century B.C.) left a cuneiform inscription in which he mentions that among the 23 countries conquered by him, “Goristsa” is also included. Scientists suppose that it is the same as modern-day Goris.

On a more personal note, Goris is a beautiful place, one of the larger cities in Armenia and definitely wins hearts. According to our tour guide, it is of German engineering. It took some damage during the Artsakh war, some relics of which are still preserved as a reminder to locals and tourists alike that the Syunik population is strong, resilient and will never cede its land to anyone. I wonder how that’s going to work with the governor inclined to line his pockets with gold taken in payment for leasing Armenian land to Persian-Azeri sheep and farmers…


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