Armenian Legends: The Legend of Dzaghgatsor

Asdghig, the goddess of beauty and water, whose eyes shone like the brightest stars in the sky and whose hair flowed like the waves of the sea, was so stunningly beautiful that she frightened herself with her own allure, as it inspired passion, lust and love in all those who laid eyes on her.

One particular day, she found herself the focus of this desire as she unwittingly captured the heart of a hardened giant. Once he had seen her, he could no longer sleep at night. He would wait longingly for morning to come, at which time he could once again see the goddess Asdghig in the garden in the Moush valley, where she had a habit of walking through with her many maids. Then one day, it so happened that Asdghig, wrapped in a floral mantle, was enjoying the morning dew in solitude. Suddenly she noticed the giant hiding in the bushes. Their eyes met and the startled goddess jumped to her feet and tried to flee, fearing the passion reflected in his eyes. The enormous warrior ran after her. He was just about to sweep her into his arms when her friend Nanеh, the goddess of chastity, came to the rescue. “Throw off your mantle!” she whispered to Asdghig and the beautiful goddess instantly disrobed. The chaste Nanе wrapped the fallen mantle in a thick blanket of fog thus obscuring the love-struck giant’s view. Thus, she saved the terrified goddess of beauty from his unwelcome advances.

When the fog cleared, there was a valley of a thousand flowers and herbs in the exact place where Asdghig had thrown her floral cape off her shoulders and onto the grass. To this day, it blossoms with an incredible variety of beautiful flowers and people call it Dzaghgatsor.


4 thoughts on “Armenian Legends: The Legend of Dzaghgatsor”

  1. Excellent.

    I will travel to Armenia soon and found some interesting insights in your blog and wanted to say thank you for that.


      1. Then I will be about a month earlier. I will go in late May…
        …I already tried to go last year – but found out that the way via Georgia was too long and so I could only gaze over the border from Ani…

        …but now I will finally go for real 🙂

      2. I’ve been on the other side of the border looking into Ani.. 😛 I hope to get a closeup of those old churches and beautiful fortress soon though!

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