An Unknown Village

Vayots Dzor’s Hors village was repopulated in 1918 by immigrant families from Nakhichevan’s Metsop village. The village is actually quite a bit older than it’s said to be, the proof of which is the ruined palace, rich with ornaments built at it’s epicentre during the 13th century by the prince Chesar Orbelyan. It’s also known as “Chesari Darpase”. A ruined church built with pink stones and a large cemetery that is home to 13-14th century cross stones are maintained by the locals. The village is also known for beautiful waterfalls, the largest of which is in the Shran canyon.

Remind me to visit once I get there!


7 thoughts on “An Unknown Village”

      1. Wowie!!! That means I can look forward to posts about your experience there. 😀 Do put some pics up too when you can ;). And I’d better visit some day!

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