A 16 year old’s amateur prose dedicated to the Armenian Genocide

Shattered ruins mark evidence
of a race that had once thrived
before savages from the East
to our Caucasia did arrive
bloodbaths for them seemed common
as on and on they killed
a zealous massacre emerged
as this was what their God had willed
Slewn corpses lined the land
one that once bore life’s fruit
but now that fruit had withered and died
as farmers were taken as soldiers, recruit
Creatures of the wild that once there lived
ran off in the world never to return
as females would hide their faces
from Turkish men so cruel and stern
weeping’s heard form every home
as tears flowed down so free
for the men of every home and family
should join the army they did decree
barbarian tribes that knew no good
conspired against a race in whole
The poor became victims to petty thefts
though from the wealthy, all they stole
the nation dawdled as it lost its head
when intellectuals herded as sheep were shot
families looted, unmercifully ransacked it all
slaughtered the men for Turks had fought
fallen to its knees sobs racked the nation
as victims were cursed as an infidel creation
bloody days of fear, full of desolation
as the world was blind to the barbaric infraction
grief would grip its people for 50 years’ duration

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