The World Has Yet to Shed its Tears…

A 17 year old’s battle against the injustice of denial


Slaughter and famine took hold of a race
as barbaric forces sought to destroy a culture’s base
as the powers of this world hushed up this case
the world refused to shed its tears

Mothers and daughters taken unbidden
as children are shot or in harems hidden
corpses battered, the souls to God given
and yet the world will not shed its tears

Bloated corpses lined the Euphrates
while the scorching sun the exposed skin grates
as the Devil has determined a whole race’s fates
the world does not shed its tears

Men fought for years and continue still
the youth of this thriving nation won’t rest until
that cruel enemy accepts its sins
and the youth of this nation fights and wins

But for now,
the world has yet to shed its tears

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