Birth of a Revolution

As an 18 year old, it was the idea of revolution born out of a staunch desire to live that stirred my embers. This is both for April 24 and May 28.


Fragile wings lift the bloody souls of the dead
The children, emaciated and the newborn, unfed
It seems that help has slowed, but time itself sped
And the heartless cowards, long ago have fled.
The night has swept in, the cold spread across scorched lands
The essence of an entire nation creates the undead bands
Naked nails hammered into devout Christian hands
Infernos licking up the corpses, not a single creature stands.
The screams of the dead have long since ceased
The lust for vengeance steadily increased
The heart beats steadily in the shells of the deceased
The barbarians of the past brought out the beast.


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