Finally, the 19 year old amateur poem depicting the Armenian Genocide…

Can you hear the howls in the wind of the night,
the human agony clawing at the darkness in search of the light
the waning strength bursting forth in uneven might
warding off the tentacles of misery clenching in unfair spite?

Can you feel the despair as the pire of Hell reaches your face,
the suffocating heat crowding in your much needed space
the vengeful flames crawling up your silken dress of lace
drowning your cries in it’s maddeningly slow pace?

Can you see the death, charred bodies at your feet,
the stone cold corpses fallen by the hand of deceit
the heart rendering cries frozen on maidens’ lips so sweet
wondering what barbaric mind could commit such a feat?

This is the truth of the times that have passed
an act of such cruel intensity to this day unsurpassed
the clock has struck three, the Devil’s net has been cast
a genocidal slaughter, neither the first nor the last…


4 thoughts on “Genocide”

  1. I can’t think of ‘liking’ this poem because of its subject and heartbreaking nature, but it is an extremely powerful one. Words would be too feeble to say anything.
    Thank you for reminding us why this day is so important, and why the world should not forget the genocide.

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