Meshach Paul Krikorian

Diary of a Historian

Was writing about the importance of Rachel Flowers and her accomplishments to Messiah College’s community when I stumbled upon the biography of Meshach Paul Krikorian. Now, I have seen this biography many times and actually began to do some further research on Meshach, but was consumed with the Flowers project and never completed it. Out of boredom and curiosity, I have decided to restart this research and no it will not be a series just me writing this one post. Let’s begin.


M.P. Krikorian

Born in Hasanbeyli, Omanis, Turkey (Armenia) on April 7, 1890, Meshach and his family endured a great amount of persecution for being Armenian. From 1894 to 1896, 100,000 Armenians were massacred during the reign of Abdul-Hamid II. The treatment of Armenians by Turks led to Meshach fleeing to Egypt and then the United States in 1910. These attacks claimed the lives of his parents as well…

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