Father of Armenian Architectural Historiography

Toros Toramanian was born in 1864 in the town of Shabin-Karahisar, under the rule of the Ottoman Empire . He studied architecture in Constantinople and later in Paris, and then he worked on the detailed study of the remains of medieval Armenian architectural monuments. He would work in the field of architecture for 30 years.

During the early years of the 20th century, he helped unearth the ancient Zvartnots, working incessantly to recreate the original image of the structure. It became clear that it had been a round, 3 storied structure, built with traditional Armenian motifs.

Toramanian’s scientific work paved the way for the great scholar, Josef Strzygowski, who, after a long and detailed study of Christian architecture reached the conclusion that Armenian architecture had a significant role in the development of Byzantine and later of West European architecture. In 1920, during the Kemalist invasions of Armenia, Toramanian lost a great part of his scientific study.

He died in March 1, 1934 in Yerevan, buried on the banks of the Hrazdan river.


Toros Toramanian is considered “the father of Armenian architectural historiography.” Hovhannes Toumanian wrote about him- “A great Armenian architect has stood up to show all of Europe and all the world that the Armenian unique architecture has affected both her neighbors and distant lands, forcing the start of a new field of study on the merits of ‘Armenian Architecture’.”
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