Whose Dead Body Are We To Bury Next?

I have yet to figure out where all this is going. I’m watching and waiting and still following the hashtags #armvote13 and #barevolution on twitter but I feel like much of the luster has been lost. We live in a day and age where everything occurs promptly. I suppose I have technology to blame for my impatience and political backstabings seen around the world to blame for my mistrust. I want to see a better Armenia, a home without the threat of poverty, with people who question everything and offer their own answers. I want to see hope shining in the eyes of the children and for Armenia to be known for her inventors, the children bred on her soil who have created the most astonishing and groundbreaking inventions yet. Is this the world Raffi promises or are we to be disappointed over and over again?


‘Over My Dead Body’: Hovannisian Announces Hunger Strike

source: http://www.armenianweekly.com/2013/03/10/over-my-dead-body-hovannisian-announces-hunger-strike/

Opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian just said at a barevolution rally on Freedom Square in Yerevan that Serge Sarkisian will be sworn in as president “over my dead body,” adding that he will start a hunger strike on the square.

1x1.trans ‘Over My Dead Body’: Hovannisian Announces Hunger Strike

“I am starting a hunger strike. I will not eat, and I will not accept deception and threats from anyone,” Hovannisian said.

“If on April 9, Sarkisian takes his fake oath on the Holy Bible, and if the Catholicos desecrates the Bible and blesses the candidate [Sarkisian] who mocks the people, then that will happen over my dead body,” he said.

Until April 9, Mr. Sarkisian should accept the demand of the overwhelming majority of the population, recognize the victory of the people, and resign, noted Hovannisian.

Hovannisian also demanded the resignation of all governors. Having appealed to the Constitutional Court to present its verdict on the presidential election, he added, “If the Constitutional Court does not correct its path, we will say goodbye to them too, and we will create our own court on the square.”


4 thoughts on “Whose Dead Body Are We To Bury Next?”

  1. This is beyond confusing, if Raffi continues like this he will fritter away whatever moral authority he had. Leaders must act responsibly, and not make childish ultimatums.

    1. Agreed! I want to see more of a leader figure in the opposition.. you can’t topple a government without having a proper alternative and I find his parev revolution, aka barevolution, rather baseless.

  2. Hello, Tamar. I saw this news about Raffi’s attempt to make hunger-strike. Isn’t this strategy outdated?

    1. I personally think so.. I haven’t seen it work in the wars, I don’t know what precedent exists for its success other than Gandhi.. which I still don’t know how successful it was

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