Sassoon’s Revolutionary Women

Throughout Armenian history, Sassoon’s women have been at the forefront because of their headstrong, patriotic and unyielding courage. Their love for country and self-determination is fabled, alongside their staunch revolutionary nature. It is nigh impossible to make a slave out of the women of Sassoon, so strong is their spirit to fight against oppression. She will never yield to the enemy, never cry in sorrow, but will grab her rifle and struggle unto death.

When the fedayee Kurken realized this untapped power in the mountains of Sassoon, he quickly organized the women into protective brigades, stationed at each village with a female commander left in charge. When Turkish or Kurdish warriors marched through their lands and dared try to leave destruction and bloodshed in their wake, these women slaughtered the criminal individuals. When they dared try to build military quarters in the region, they were met with the strength of angry women, mothers and sisters and children to those whose graves would be desecrated in the building of such a monstrosity.

The women of Sassoon had no illusions about a freedom obtained without bloodshed, knowing full well that they would need to fight and they would need to win against those whose oppressive hand they had choked for centuries. These women knew that their place was at their husbands’ side on the battlefield, fire in their eyes and weapons in their hands.

Unfortunately, not many of these women are known. However, in the coming days a few of the most prominent will be presented.


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