Ottoman Armenians, Vol. 1:

Life, Culture, Society

by Houshamadyan

Ottoman Armenians, Vol. 1 is the inaugural publication in a series of collaborative volumes that seek to reconstruct the lost world of the Armenian communities in the territories of the Ottoman Empire. Through scholarly analysis, documentation, and the reproduction of historical images, the Ottoman Armenians series will play an important role in recovering the daily life, customs, traditions, cuisine, and environs of the Ottoman Armenian communities.

This, the first in a series of projected volumes, will explore the Armenian communities of Marash (currently Kahramanmaraş), Kharpert/Harput, Palu, Van, Erzurum/Garin, and Zeytun (currently Süleymanlı), through the study of topics such as ritual practices for weddings, births, baptisms, and burials, the nature of interethnic relations, the role of schools and education, public festivals, artisanal crafts, food culture, and autobiography.

The Armenian local life of these towns and villages will be reconstructed mainly through the use of Armenian-language primary sources, which have long been ignored in…

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