The Drama Continues….

Monday night, Canadian Eastern Time, it was announced that the incumbent would be taking the presidency once again, with a 20%+ lead over opposition candidate Raffi Hovhannisian. Tuesday at 5 pm Armenia time saw the 1st rally against the election fraud that ran rampant throughout the 12-h voting period, putting aside the ballot buying occurring long before the votes were cast. Wednesday dawned on the second rally, with over 5-6,000 gathered in Liberty Square, according to local estimates. Raffi found himself surrounded by supporters from multiple different political parties, including HAK’s Nigol Pashinyan and members from Parkavaj. The ARF declared support for the people. Presidential hopefuls that had lost by a landslide also expressed support for Hovhannisian, who decided to spend the night in the Square and called on Serj Sarkissian to meet with him before the next scheduled rally. In the meantime, OSCE has declared the free and fair, a slap in the face to Armenian political activists who demand it truly be free and fair, Putin and now even President Gul have congratulated Serj and most of the world, other than the Armenians themselves, seems to have declared Sarkissian president for the next 5 years.

Now, the Sarkissian has called on Hovhannisian to meet, a rally is to take place at 5pm tomorrow Armenia time and it is expected that Raffi will be offered a position in office. No cameras are allowed in the meeting, despite calls for an open discussion.

Apparently, it will be a victory to be celebrated at 5 pm. We shall see.


In the meantime, Mayor of Vanatsor insults his people for voting Raffi in instead of Serj. Will the poor thing be losing his post or has he received some threat or another?


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