Rather interesting to consider… Economically (on a global scale) we are doing better than many, but within the country, poverty still eats away at the very fabric of society… hmmmm

Good morning Switzerland by Jacques Lemoisson

News of a Dubai-based entity winning a USD3-billion deal to build Armenia’s rail and road project, has piqued investor interest in the country.

Dubai-based Rasia FZE along with partner Caucasus Railway signed a deal with Armenia’s Ministry of Transport and Communication to build a rail-and-road corridor that will link the ports of the Black Sea to the ports of the Gulf, according to the project promoters.

It certainly seems to be an ambitious undertaking: The Southern Armenia Railway is expected to be a 316 kilometre long electrified single track railway, connecting Gavar, near Lake Sevan, to the southern border of Armenia by Meghri and will be integrated with the existing central railway system of Armenia, operated by South Caucasus Railway CJSC and the operating railway system of Iran.

Meanwhile, the Southern Armenia High Speed Road, being built in the southern province of Syunik, is set to be a 110-kilometre long…

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