Nurhan Arman to Conduct in Rome!

Sinfonia Toronto’s Music Director Nurhan Arman will be on the podium of the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma , on February 17 and 18, leading two concerts in one of Rome’s major venues, the Auditorium Conciliazione. The program for both concerts includes Chopin’s Piano Concerto in E Minor and Haydn’s Symphony No. 100. The soloist in the Chopin concerto will be Korean pianist Andrew Pae. The Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma has been recognized by international critics as one of the finest orchestras in Italy. It has toured extensively in Europe, South America, China and the USA, and records regularly for the Naxos label.


2 thoughts on “Nurhan Arman to Conduct in Rome!”

  1. The Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma, of which Prof. Emmanuele F.M. Emanuele is honorary President, was established in 2002. Conceived by Professor Emanuele, managed by the Arts Academy and directed by Maestro Francesco La Vecchia this is the only private Orchestra in Italy and is entirely financed by the Fondazione Roma for the purpose of providing the capital with a symphony orchestra, a stable occupation for young musicians and allowing the less fortunate to engage in music.

    Within a few years the Orchestra Sinfonica di Roma became one of the most important in Italy and upon its debut was recognized by international critics as being a very prestigious ensemble. The Orchestra has performed in the presence of four Heads of State, the Queens of Spain and Holland and has toured in Europe, South America, China and the United States of America.

    The Orchestra was created for the purpose of spreading a musical culture, especially amongst youths and the less fortunate, and providing an occupation to the young professors who expect to find dignified employment in the so called field of “cultivated music”.

    The Orchestra, to which about seventy young instrumentalists belong, performs a regular annual programme in the prestigious Auditorium della Conciliazione in Rome.

    The Orchestra is also at the service of the community, by holding free concerts in venues where symphony music is not normally played such as schools – where lessons-concerts for youths are held – and other social facilities. In this way one of the main purposes pursed by the Foundation in the field of Art and Culture has been accomplished. Pleasure is combined with convenience thus meeting both social needs and the call for knowledge.

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