Life is as fickle as the rainfall’s trickle…

Life is a fickle thing.

It appears loyal to the young and quite dreadful to the elderly, but trusting in life to stick around is as foolish a notion as expecting a fish to breathe on land. Life does not care a fig about our expectations, our hopes and our dreams. It cannot be tamed like a horse, caged like a bird, but will break free of any and all barriers, striving for its freedom. It is worse than the wind, blowing through time, bowing to no one, stopping for nothing. It can become a hurricane or know the gentle lull of the breeze.

Without a doubt, however, life is given to an individual for a reason, and for a reason it is taken away once again. It may be fickle to the human mind but none can call it careless or vindictive. Sometimes it is born into the world to do good, sometimes to open another’s eyes, and always to cause a domino reaction. One cannot say why a life is given or what purpose a young life served that was taken too quickly. It is one of the great mysteries of our world. Some would believe there’s nothing more than meets the eye. I disagree. We all have our purpose, and once served, we are no longer necessary. Sometimes it’s the death in itself that is needed to cause the chain reaction. No matter why things occur, it’s impossible to fight life’s decisions. We are merely mortals, specks of dust in the vast universe. Neither time nor life itself will listen to our cries.

Each life is precious, for it may be snuffed out at any given moment. Take advantage of life. Cherish the moments that brought you joy and sweep from your mind those that caused you misery. Laugh with abandon and let your heart find pleasure in the most simple of moments. Capture the good and discard the unnecessary, for life is fickle and time waits for no one. Our hopes and dreams do not matter in the larger scheme of things. For those reasons alone, create the image of yourself you wish to be remembered as. For when life has betrayed you and a cold coffin has been made to lay you to rest, memories are all that will remain….


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