100 Armenian Legends- #1: Legend of the First City

The Legend of the First City

On the first cloudless day of the Flood, Noah the righteous Patriarch turned his gaze towards the sun and saw the slope of a mountain covered in pristine snow sparkling in the rays of the dawning sun. It was the top of Mount Ararat. Noah directed his ark towards the mountain and the giant vessel rested on the snowy peak. For one hundred and fifty days, there was nothing around but the endless vastness of ocean waves. Then the waters began to recede and land finally emerged below. One of the people travelling with Noah looked overboard and exclaimed:

“Yereva-and!” which means, “I see it there!”

Noah and his family descended from the mountain slopes walking across the rocks in the direction of the place that “could be seen there.” They came to witness a breathtakingly beautiful view – a green valley awash in the golden light of the sun, emerald-green grass swaying in anticipation of new life. The first thing that Noah did when he set foot onto that new fertile land was plant a grapevine.

Centuries passed and that picturesque valley at the foot of Mount Ararat became home to one of the most enchanting cities ever seen – Yerevan. A city born into the world before the great city of Rome. A city still blooming and fragrant, surrounded by the walls of Ararat like a beautiful maiden in her garden, guarded by giants.


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