Da Lethal Tongue

And so it begins…

David Dginguerian, an Armenian filmmaker, wants to launch a membership-only website called MyPregnancy.com.

So he’s decided to offer fellow Armenian, Kim Kardashian, 32, the poster girl positon for his website.

Kim Kardashian, famous for being around the famous, was sent a pitch letter that was secured by Radar Online, Dginguerian suggests such a site could ‘generate $100,000 a month,’ with the money going to the ‘Christian Charity’ of Kim’s choice.

And as a sweetener, Kim – who is pregnant by boyfriend Kanye West, 35, is being offered $250,000 as a ‘signing bonus.’

Everyone has already speculated how soon it would be before the infamous Kimye fetus would become it’s own celebrity, and it seems that this baby has Suri Cruise status pre-birth.

Unlike Beyonce who chose to keep her pregnancy a shared affair between her and Jay Z. Kim and Kanye has chosen to…

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